Emily’s focus is on innovation and investment. Our state is stronger when our communities are good places to live and work, when they are prosperous, and when everyone can participate in that prosperity.

New York State’s economy is the 11th largest in the world, but working families in our district are falling further and further behind. The child poverty rate in Franklin County is nearly 30%, and nearly all school districts face dropping enrollment. Yet time and again, Betty Little has sided with the far-right billionaire agenda to funnel funding from our public schools to charter schools, limit wages, and restrict access to quality healthcare.

After 20 years, it is time to elect a State Senator who will focus on solving these problems, someone who focuses on the regular working family.

It’s time for new energy, bold ideas, and leadership. Emily has helped small business owners, including farmers, create new jobs and find new markets. She has helped her hometown of Saranac Lake attract more visitors and improve the quality of life for families. Now she wants to work with yours.

Emily knows from experience that our communities have the power to create jobs that pay enough for workers to put food on the table and save for retirement. Bringing her leadership to Albany will help the state develop common-sense policies and priorities that grow businesses and communities.

5 Pillars for Job Growth: To create jobs, we need to lay the groundwork for economic growth in the region. These five items are Emily’s immediate priorities and are essential for sustained prosperity that we can all enjoy.

  1. Infrastructure, beginning with Broadband: The lack of true internet connectivity is crippling our region, especially our smaller towns. A serious investment in universal broadband will bring possibilities for growth:
    • We can work remotely in well-paying jobs, and more businesses can be created.
    • Telemedicine can be expanded, improving healthcare delivery.
    • Our students will be able to work from home instead of sitting outside libraries or searching out other wifi hotspots to do their homework.
    • Emily will fight for the funds for true universal broadband until everybody is connected with speeds the providers promise.
  2. Healthcare: Health insurance premiums,drug costs, and deductibles are among the largest costs for us as families, business owners, and taxpayers. With universal healthcare – a single payer system – more money will be available for investment. It will help more people create and sustain businesses and retain quality workers who might otherwise leave the area to get a job that pays benefits.
  3. Housing: In many of our tourism-based towns, teachers, nurses, and service employees cannot afford to live in the area where they work, which isn’t healthy for our communities. As our tourist areas attract more prosperous visitors and second-home owners, we need to make sure local families are not pushed out and that young people who moved away after college can afford to return with their families.
  4. Transportation: Prosperity thrives where there’s a flow of goods and services. Airports, rails, bike paths, and roads are all part of this. Even electric car charging stations need to be part of our transportation infrastructure as we look toward the future.
  5. Investment: New York has growing industries like clean energy, and small farms, recreation and tourism, and higher education, that, with financial and regulatory support, can bring jobs and stability to struggling regions. As destination places are created, such as Frontier Town on Exit 29, what can be done to help interior communities benefit? Investing in our roads, bridges, sewer and water systems is essential for attracting new people and businesses, and doing so will create well-paying union jobs.

There are so many opportunities for economic growth in the 45th Senate District, opportunities that in 20 years our incumbent Senator has not promoted. One obvious example is “wellness tourism,” a $200 billion industry and the fastest growing sector of the travel industry. With our fresh air, clean water, organic farms, world class massage therapists and yoga instructors, our region could benefit greatly from this trend, which would be less weather dependent than current tourist enterprises that suffer the ups and downs of climate change. Not to mention, wellness travelers spend over 125% of what other visitors spend. As of yet, though, there are no plans on the state level to support this or other innovative growth ideas, and Emily would make it a priority to work within our region to make this happen.

To create and maintain opportunities for working families and individuals within our district, we need a Senator who will push for state investment and partnerships while decreasing unfunded mandates that strap local governments. Emily is that Senator.

Emily Martz running to strengthen North Country economy