Letter to the editor: The Post-Star endorsement of Betty Little for state Senate was frustrating to me, as there seemed no strong rationale.

Emily Martz is the candidate who is “fired up.” She is energized to work alongside residents to fight to protect our environment, provide affordable health care, expand broadband (still lacking in many areas after all these years), create jobs, protect the rights of child victims, expand affordable housing, speak out against corruption. We need someone who will get out there, make some waves; bring attention to our region, which is so often neglected in favor of downstate.

The comment “she is going for the attention-grabbing issues of the day that seem beyond reach for anyone to achieve” is cynical. Some of Emily’s issues are “attention-grabbing” for good reason — they are important to the citizens of our region. The Assembly has passed the NY Health Care Act several times. However, the Senate Health Committee, of which Betty Little is a deciding member, will not release it to the floor for discussion. Affordable care for all has a huge knock on effect, making it less difficult to maintain and create businesses, bringing jobs and people to the region. The Reproductive Health Act replaces a very outdated law (1970), vital for protecting women’s health. Again, the Senate Health Committee is preventing it from coming to the floor. The Child Victims Act has been on the books for several years, passed by the Assembly but this year blocked by Majority Leader Flanagan — change the majority and the bill will pass. Emily Martz will ensure these issues are tackled.

Emily Martz will bring a new energy to the Senate, along with her persistence, sense of justice, intelligence, thoughtfulness, business experience and strong credentials. Emily Martz is “fired up” and ready to roll.

Catherine Atherden, Queensbury