Curbing climate change and conserving our natural resources are about the health of our environment, our people, and our economy.

Imagine if we as a country made investments in renewable energy a priority. Imagine the renewable energy companies we could build — and the jobs we could create, the improvements in people’s health. Imagine what we could do as a country with leaders who understand this connection between job growth and protecting our environment, and who supports transitioning to an economy based on clean energy.

Imagine how we could curb climate change.

I have spent my career in the North Country creating strategies for small businesses — including renewable energy companies — to grow in environmentally sustainable ways and can assure you: We don’t have to choose between environmental conservation and economic growth like the current administration and incumbent are claiming. We CAN have both.

It will take strong leaders to set our country on this stronger path. I stand against the current administration’s trajectory and stand for a path that protects our environment and creates gainful employment in regions like ours.

The environment is a gift and a responsibility, and as a nation, we must start thinking 7 generations in the future. In the North Country, we depend upon the environment for our way of life, for recreation, and for jobs. Fishing, hunting, farming, outdoor recreation, and tourism are all dependent upon clean air, water, and soil.

The entire world depends upon curbing climate change.

For the benefit of our environment, our health, and our economy, I would:

Work to implement my vision of the North Country being a model for clean energy economies in rural regions across the country.
Work to restore, maintain, and revise EPA standards.
Support the United States’ return to the Paris Accord (understanding that it is Senators who technically make that happen), and support legislation that includes emission standards laid out in the Accord. It’s only thanks to Michael Bloomberg that the US remains in the Accord.
Form strong partnerships with business groups, local government, and industry in order to create buy-in as legislation is created
Work to create incentives for research, distribution, and use of all types of clean and renewable energy, and for all types of buildings — residential, commercial, industrial. Afterall, clean & renewable energy, and energy efficiency sectors are among the fastest growing sectors for jobs
Devise market incentives for curbing carbon emissions, using behavioral economics to help design the program
Push for investment and tax credits for community clean & renewable energy such as solar gardens, that also provide revenue to local communities, in combination with a modernized electric grid that supports distributed energy
Increase funding for protection against invasive species, and build a coalition of support for preventing invasives in the St. Lawrence River from entering other bodies of water