Our way of life, our environment, and the security of our country depend upon creating economic opportunities for everyone, maintaining environmental protections, and creating a healthcare system that provides everyone access to affordable, quality care.

Hard-working people deserve to be able to put food on the table, money in the bank, and to access to quality healthcare. Those who need help should have a hand up. Those who cannot take care of themselves need to be cared for. Everyone, regardless of the conditions they were born into, deserves a chance to build the life they want. We need an economic system that rewards hard work and provides resources that help people build the lives they want to lead.

Our way of life and our economy depend upon our winters, our clean air, water, and soil, and our forests. So that generations to come have the same opportunities we do, we have the responsibility to conserve our natural resources and curb climate change. The problem of acid rain dissipated thanks to sensible rules, and now we are reversing ground. We need to refocus national attention on this issue.